Table of Contents

Vol. 2: Exposing Electronics

Bernard Finn, "Introduction," 1-5 open with front matter

Sungook Hong, Inventing the history of an invention: J. A. Fleming's route to the valve," 7-24 open

Alan Q. Morton, "The electron made public: The exhibition of pure science in the British Empire Exhibition, 1924-25,' 25-43 open

Hartmut Petzold, "Wilhelm Cauer and his mathematical device," 45-73 open

David Rhees, Kirk Jeffrey, "Earl Bakken's little white box: The compex meanings of the first transistorized pacemaker," 75-113 open

Ross Bassett, "When is a microprocessor not microprocessor? The industrial construction of a swemiconductor innovation," 115-134 open

Jon Eklund, Bernard Finn, "Exhibition critique: Background for the Information Age," 135-41 open

Roger Bridgman, "Information Age-a critique," 143-9 open

Paul Ceruzzi, "'The Mind's Eye' and the computers of Seymour Cray," 151-60 open

Paul Forman, "Researching Rabi's relics: Using the electron to determine nuclear moments before magnetic resonance, 1927-37," 161-74 open

Bernard Finn, "Collectors and museums," 175-91 open

Index, 193-99 open