Table of Contents

Artefacts 9: Analyzing Art and Aesthetics


Series Preface by Martin Collins, v

Foreword by G. Wayne Clough, vi

Acknowledgments, ix

Introduction, x

Models as Aesthetic Objects

Section Introduction, 1

CHAPTER 1 Using Science to Parse the Body: Some Artful Methods for Learning
Medicine by Katherine Ott, 2

CHAPTER 2 The Disappearing Model: Harvard's Glass Flowers and the Perils of Trompe l'Oeil by Ellery Foutch, 18

CHAPTER 3 ''A Track Across What Is Now a Desert": A. H. Munsell's Quest for a System of Color by Erin McLeary, 40

CHAPTER 4 Models: Assembled Realities in Architecture and Engineering by Dirk Biihler, 56

Aesthetics of Technology

Section Introduction, 75

CHAPTER 5  Karsh: Image Maker: Bringing Artifacts to an Art Show by Bryan Dewalt, 76

CHAPTER 6  Softening the Orbiter: The Space Shuttle as Plaything and Icon by Margaret A. Weitekamp, 88 

CHAPTER 7 The Kilmer Complex: Artificial-Tree Cellular Towers and Landscape Aesthetics by Bernard Mergen, 104

CHAPTER 8 Form Over Function? Technology, Aesthetics, and Identity at the National Museum of Scotland by Alison Taubman, 122

CHAPTER 9 Split + Splice: An Experiment in Scholarly Methodology and Exhibition Making by Martha Fleming, 132

Artists Interpret Science and Technology

CHAPTER 10, Mercurial Pigments and the Alchemy of John Singleton Copley's Watson and the Shark by David Bjelajac, 144

CHAPTER 11, C. A. A. Dellschau:An Outsider Artist and the Dream of Flight by Tom D. Crouch, 168

CHAPTER 12, African Cultural Astronomy and the Arts: A Preliminary Enquiry by Christine Mullen Kreamer, 186

CHAPTER 13, The Mathematical Paintings of Crockett Johnson, 1965-1975: An Amateur and His Sources by Peggy Aldrich Kidwell, 186

CHAPTER 14, Art in the Context of a Science Institution: A Case Study of the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences by J. D. Talasek, 198

CHAPTER 15, Retaking the Universe: Art and Appropriated Astronomical Artifacts by Elizabeth A. Kessler, 212

CHAPTER 16, The Medium as Message in Contemporary Portraiture by Anne Collins Goodyear, 240

Collaboration in Action: Three Perspectives on the Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship Program

CHAPTER 17, Contemporary Art Informed by Science: The Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship by Jane Milosch, 260

CHAPTER 18, The Influence and Inspiration ITom Taking Part in the Smithsonian's Artist Research Fellowship Program by Shih ,Chieh Huang, 268

CHAPTER 19, Light at the Museum by Lynne R. Parenti, 278
About the Contributors, 281

Index, 285