Table of Contents

Vol. 6: Showcasing Space

Martin Collins, "Introduction." 1-6 open with front matter

Helmuth Trischler, "A talkative artefact: Germany and the development of a European rocket launcher in the 1960s," 7-28 open

Douglas Millard, "Black Arrow R4: a candidate for materializing the history of technology," 29-49 open

Philip Scranton, "Behind the icon: NASA's Mercury capsules as artefact, process and practice," 50-75 open

Kerrie Dougherty, "Retrieving Woomerama's heritage: recovering lost examples of the material culture of Australia's space activities," 76-97 open

Asif A. Siddiqi, "Privitising memory: The Soviet space program through museums and memoirs." 98-115 open

Martin Collins, "The Iridium communications satellite: an artefact, system and history in the 1990s," 116-41 open

Cathleen S. Lewis, "The birth of the Soviet space museums: creating the earthbound experience of space flight during the golden years of the Soviet space programme, 1957-68," 142-58 open

David DeVorkin, "The art of curation: collection, exhibition and scholarship," 159-68 open

Brian Durrans, "Space is the place," 169-79 open

Brian Nicklas, "A select international listing of museums featuring space exhibitions," 180-3 open

Color Plates open

Index, 184-6 open