Table of Contents

Vol. 5: Materializing the Military

Barton C. Hacker, Bernard Finn, "Introduction," 1-3 open with front matter

Kelly DeVries, Robert D. Smith, "Perspectives on early gunpowder weapons, at the completion of a study of Valois Burgundian artillery," 5-19 open

John F. Guilmartin, Jr., "Exploiting the guns of the Santissimo Sacramento: an analysis of early modern naval ordnance, gunnery and gunfounding," 21-45 open

Katherine Ott, "Carnage remembered: prosthetics in the US military since the 1860s," 47-64 open

Margaret Vining, Barton C. Hacker, "Uniforms make the woman," 65-76 open

Nicholas J, Saunders, "Culture, conflict and materiality: the social lives of Great War objects," 77-94 open

Deborah Warner, "Celestial navigation aloft: aeronautical sextants in the US," 95-119 open

Christine Finn, "Artefacts of ocupation: the enduring archaeology of Jersey, Channel Islands," 121-139 open

Barton Hacker, " Objects at an exhibition: reflections on 'Fast Attacks and Boomers,'"141-148 open

Robert Friedel, "'The Price of Freedom: Americans at War,'" 149-157 open

Jan Piet Puype, "Arms on display: core business or illustrations? A commentary on the presentation of arms and armour in museums," 159-167 open

Barton C. Hacker, Margaret Vining, "European military history museums: a personal electronic and bibliographic survey," 169-178 open

Color Plates open

Index, 179-83 open