Table of Contents

Vol.3: Tackling Transport

Helmuth Trischler, "Introduction," 1-8 open with front matter

Michael R. Bailey, John Glithero, "Learning through industrial archaeology: the Rocket locomotive project," 47-60 open

Kurt Möser, "The driver in the machine: changing interiors of the car," 61-80 open

Peter Lyth, "Reverse thrust: American aerospace dominance and the British challenge in jet engines,"81-98 open

Andrew Nahun, "'I believe Americans have not yet taken them all': the exploitation of German aeronautical science in postwar Britain," 99-138 open

Colin Divall, "The origins of transport museums in western Europe," 139-158 open

Bettina Gundler, "Deutsches Museum Verkehrszentrum: a new museum for transport and mobility in Munich," 159-166 open

Bill Withuhn, "Artefacts at the Smithsonian: a new long-term exhibition on the history of transport systems," 167-172 open

Henry Wydler, "Verkehrshaus der Schweiz: Switzerland's different transport 'museum'," 173-181 open

Significant museums with relevant collections, 182-3 open

Index, 184-6 open