Table of Contents

Vol. 1: Manifesting Medicine

"Series preface," xi-xii open with front matter

Robert Bud, "Introduction," xv-xviii open with front matter

Kim Pelis, "Transfusions, with teeth," 1-29 open

Klaus Vogel, "The transparent man-Some comments on the history of a symbol," 31-61 open

Ghislaine Lawrence, "Design solutions for medical technology: Charles Drew's profound hypothermia apparatus for cardiac surgery," 63-77 open

Johannes Abele, "Safety clicks. The Geiger Müller tube and radiation protection in Germany, 1928-1960," 79-104 open

Patricia Peck Gossel, "Packaging the pill," 105-121 open

Timothy M. Boon, "Histories, exhibitions, collections: Reflections on the language of medical curatorship at the Science Museum after Health Matters," 123-143 open

Ken Arnold, "Museums and the making of medical history," 145-174 open

Index open

Color Plates open