Table of Contents

Artefacts 10: Objects in Motion: GlobalizingTechnology


Series Preface by Martin Collins, v

Introduction, vi

Technology Transfers: East-West, North-South

CHAPTER 1 Globalizing Building Teehnique: The Centennial Hall in Wroclaw
by Knut Stegmann, 2

CHAPTER 2 Heating the Groves: The Globalization of Agricultural Technology
and the Acclimatization of Citrus in the USSR, 1928-1936
by Johanna Conterio, 22

CHAPTER 3 Swabian Water Treatment Technology in Russia: A Case Study
of International Knowledge and Technology Transfer between West
and East in the Late 1960s by Thomas Schuetz, 36

CHAPTER 4 Canada, Communism, and the Colombo plan by David McGee
and Rian Manson, 46

CHAPTER 5 International Pathways: Soldered Supply Chains from Indonesia's
Tin Islands by Matthew Hockenberry, 66

Dimensions of Globalization: Objects and Identities

CHAPTER 6 Local Makers, Global Players: Tabla Manufacture and Design
in a Global Marketplace by P. Allen Roda, 80

CHAPTER 7 Electric Turkish Coffee Makers: Capturing Authenticity for Global
Markets by Hamn Kaygan, 92

CHAPTER 8 Canoes, Identity, and Globalization: The Story of Bill Mason’s
Camera Case by Bryan Dewalt, 112

CHAPTER 9 Bulldog Travels around the World: Global Perspectives on the Tractor
Production of Heinrich Lanz and John Deere in Mannheim,
circa 1921-1965 by Oliver Schmidt, 130

CHAPTER 10 Technology Heritage Online: A Review of the Digital Museum
Inventing Europe by Kimberly Coulter,148

About the Contributors, 159

Index, 161